Managing your Loan repayments during COVID-19

We understand that many of our customers are being affected by the Covid-19 virus and we are here to provide support to help you manage your loan repayments. Please use this form to tell us a bit more. One of our specialist debt management colleagues will be in touch.

You should continue to maintain your loan repayments until we have agreed any changes. Failure to do so will affect your credit history and affect your ability to get a loan in the future. Please don’t do this; you may need another loan.

We will aim to get back to you within 2 working days. If you cannot wait this long, please contact us urgently on 0300 111 0556.


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    Please answer Yes or No to the following questions.

    Have your circumstances changed due to COVID-19?

    If yes, please tell us why you need support to manage your loan repayments and one of our team will contact you.

    Has your individual income changed?

    If yes, please provide more information.

    Has your household income changed?

    If yes, please provide more information.

    Have you been made redundant since 1st March ? (Will not return to your previous job)


    Are you on Furlough Leave – this is where you remain employed but are currently not at work or unable to work?


    Will you be returning back to work after 31 March?


    IF you are due to return back to work, will this be on reduced hours?


    Are you self-employed and unable to trade at the moment?


    If you are self employed, what other financial support have you applied for?

    Current loan instalment?

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    Are you currently in arrears?


    What support are you asking for?

    Reduced paymentsPayment holidayExtend my loan termEarly settlementA further loanDon't know

    What level of payment plan can you afford?

    Are you receiving help from an Approved Mental Health Professional due to your finances?


    *If repaying your finances is impacting your mental health and you are not currently in request of a debt respite, please contact an Approved Mental Health Professional, more details can be found from your Local Authority.

    Please use the space below to tell us any other information that will help us consider your request as quickly as possible.

    Other information

    Conduit recognise the uncertainties and challenges that many customers will face in the coming months due to Covid-19 and we are here to support you and your individual circumstances.